Whether it’s baby food, juices, pet food or toothpaste, we use plastic aluminium packaging every day. Most people are concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. But until the Enval process is widely adopted, there is no choice but to put these items in the bin and send them to landfill.

There is plenty that you can do to help ensure that a solution for these materials is put in place.

Your local authority makes decisions about how your waste is handled and can put pressure on the companies who handle your waste to adopt new technologies. Why not write to your local authority to ask them what they are doing to put recycling solutions in place?

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Benefits for you

Support a recycling solution for a material you use everyday

Stop sending plastic aluminium laminate packaging to landfill

Engage with your local authority to demand a solution

  • “It is great to know that there is a technology available that can process this type of material and recover valuable products that would otherwise have gone to landfill.”

    Claire Shrewsbury, Packaging Programme Manager at WRAP

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Let’s compare the carbon footprints of disposing of 1000 baby food pouches (shown in kg CO2e):
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energy recovery

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Enval process

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Engage with your local authority to encourage more recycling

In just a few minutes you can help influence your local authority to do more to recycle plastic aluminium laminates.

Find your local authority here.

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