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The Enval process enables FMCG brands to unlock the benefits of plastic aluminium laminates while meeting consumer demand for more sustainable packaging. Our process closes the loop in the life cycle of this material by ensuring an environmentally and economically viable recycling solution.

Enval is engaged with forward-thinking brands that want to see our process adopted by the waste handling industry.

Working with Enval, brands can communicate to their customers that these materials can have a sustainable end-of-life solution, and play an active role in raising public and industry awareness of the environmental credentials of their products and packaging.

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Benefits for you

Differentiate your brand by offering fully recyclable packaging

Promote your green credentials to your customers

Continue to use this convenient packaging format

Reduce your cost of disposal compared to landfill

Access the benefits of this material for more and more products

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable end-of-life solutions

  • “Flexible laminate packaging is increasingly being used to help protect our products and we are keen to support innovation to increase its recycling.”

    Alison Ingle, Group Packaging Manager, Nestlé UK & Ireland

Comparison to current disposal methods


The majority of plastic aluminium laminates are sent to landfill.

  • Environmentally damaging
  • Limited space
  • Political pressure to change
  • Increasing landfill taxes
  • No recovery of energy
  • No recovery of aluminium
  • No recovery of chemicals

Energy recovery

Laminates can be also be added to traditional energy recovery units, where material is combusted to produce heat energy for electricity turbines or direct heating applications.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Costly gas cleaning equipment
  • Can release toxic and carcinogenic compounds
  • No recovery of chemicals
  • No recovery of aluminium

Plastic aluminium laminate packaging

Become part of the solution

If your brand uses plastic aluminium laminate packaging, you can work with us to communicate the availability of a recycling solution to your customers.

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