Waste Handlers

The Enval process is efficient and requires modest levels of capital expenditure. A typical plant will pay for itself within three to four years at nominal levels of operation. The high efficiency and minimal emissions associated with the process mean that the plant requires minimum planning and environmental permitting.

As a modular process, the Enval plant can be economically operated at a variety of scales, allowing for local treatment.

A typical plant operates at a feed rate of up to 350 kg per hour or 2,000 tonnes per year. We can design and manufacture plants according to our clients’ individual requirements.

Our turnkey solution includes full training to operate and maintain the equipment. Maintenance and engineering support is provided throughout the lifetime of the plant. We can also assist in identifying long‑term outlets for the aluminium and hydrocarbons generated by the process.

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A study by the Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) has demonstrated that appropriate automatic sorting equipment is readily available and often already deployed within a typical materials recovery facility (MRF). Any upgrades can be achieved through well-understood technology that is low cost and easy to install.

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  • “As a society we must prioritise finding new ways to realise value from waste. Technologies such as the Enval process are vital in reducing landfill, promoting materials reprocessing and developing the waste handling sector as a whole.”

    Ray Georgeson, Chief Executive, Resource Association

Waste sources

In the UK alone, there is around 160,000 tonnes of plastic aluminium laminate packaging available for recycling. Around 7% of this material comes from commercial and industrial waste sources including FMCG brands, converters and web manufacturers. The remaining 93% comes from household waste. Appropriate automatic sorting equipment is readily available and often already deployed within a typical materials recovery facility (MRF).
Waste sources diagram
Shredded plastic aluminium laminate packaging

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